MechTech specialises in innovation consulting and technology incubation for the agritech, mining and sustainability sectors.

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Whether you’re an inventor or an investor, our MechTech review process ensures the technology in question is innovative, sustainable and destined to be profitable.

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We have a growing list of investors funding some of the most exciting mining, agricultural and sustainability new products in Australia and beyond.

Product development

Needing an experienced incubator who’ll seamlessly take you through all the stages of your new technology development process, marketing and production? You’ve come to the right place.


We know our agtech, mining and sustainability markets inside out - we’ll create the ideal marketing strategy for your product’s launch.

Specialised product development, outstanding investment opportunities, brilliant outcomes.

The stampede towards software startup investment has been so hyped in recent years that we sometimes tend to overlook the quieter - but often more profitable and sustainable - new product releases. Heavy machinery for essential agriculture, mining and sustainable industries is a case in point. The large and very healthy market for innovative mechanical technology in these established, crucial sectors has often been ignored in the portfolios of typical venture capital funds. And we all know that when it comes to investment, a follow-the-herd mentality often misses the capital investment boat.

At MechTech Ventures we’ve identified the abundance of promising startup businesses in the heavy steel sector in need of strong guidance, marketing and capital. So we’ve stepped in to fill the void.

You’ll no doubt have heard the phrase ‘valley of death’ in the context of technology startups. Many excellent prospects haven’t been successfully developed and exploited because of lack of funding, market research and domain expertise. Many promising young businesses have withered and often died long before they could develop their full commercial potential.

Even if there’s been some initial seed capital, just small planning errors or execution missteps can result in money running out and the business failing before it’s had a chance to successfully test its product in the market place. And we all know of initially flourishing innovators who have been ruined by their success because they lack the capital and guidance to fill orders and finance growth.

This is where MechTech Ventures comes in. We guarantee the expertise, acumen and long experience to both identify and bring to fruition highly sustainable commercial opportunities in the techno-mechanical sector.

Once an opportunity has been identified and thoroughly vetted, we conduct market assessment, create the proper corporate structure, register IP as required, conduct meticulous design work, create marketing and technical documentation, plus websites, product testing and evaluation. In other words, we do everything necessary to mitigate risk, fuel growth and help our entrepreneurs to reap the full rewards of their creativity and energy. Resulting in – whether you’re an innovator or an investor - substantial upsides for all concerned.


The rapid expansion of our global population combined with the weather unpredictability of climate change has made the drive for food security ever more urgent. Nurturing the soil and providing better, more efficient farming methods has never been more important. So, if you’re a business with innovative solutions for agribusiness - from tilling and planting to harvesting – we want to hear from you.



As mineral resources become scarcer and more difficult and expensive to extract, machinery has to become more specialised and sophisticated. It needs to be custom designed and manufactured for specific applications, conditions and locations. MechTech Ventures targets businesses poised to provide these advanced technologies for mine owners, contractors and the entire mining ecosystem.



We all know that sustainability – in all areas of waste and power provision – is becoming more of a priority by the day. Exploring and exploiting alternate systems and methodologies for a greener world is critical. If you’re an innovator creating technology that addresses the re-use and efficient processing of water, waste or energy, get in touch with the professionals at MechTech today.

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