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Need expert advice, capital and technology development within the agricultural, mining or sustainability sectors?

MechTech Ventures is an engineering business incubator for innovations with credentials for solid commercial application and potential global success. So our process is quite selective, which in the end is beneficial to both you the inventor and your investors.

We therefore review your application very thoroughly, taking into account your technology, your team and your overall market possibilities. Our management team operates with the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity.

In order for us to make a sound judgment on the viability of your venture, all selected applicants will need to supply us with as much information as possible about their innovations and its projected market niche. But rest assured that we’ll never disclose any details of your project to third parties without your specific consent.

So if you’re formulating a techno-mechanical innovation destined to make a positive impact on mining, agriculture or sustainability, get in touch with the professionals at MechTech Ventures today.

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Completing the application will give us a basic understanding of your company and your needs, so that we can assess whether you would be a good fit for the MechTech Platform.


As a selected applicant you’ll be interviewed prior to us carrying out a thorough due diligence process on your company. This is to review and verify its legal standing.


If you’re successful we’ll introduce you to our ever growing list of investors, who’ll review your profile and financial situation.


After the successful capital raising, we’ll swing our considerable resources and experience into gear, to design and develop your technology to fully functioning fruition.

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